David Eldridge, Chris Goode in conversation

“The loveliest conversation with an archenemy I’ve ever had” Chris Goode on David Eldridge.

Over a decade ago, when I was first mainly theatre blogging (in the first golden age of blogs, now mostly faded) two of the fiercest and sharpest bloggers and writers were (and are) Chris Goode and David Eldridge.

Both far more successful, older and sure of their work than me, I looked up to them in many aspects of my writing practice. Chris Goode in the devised new work tradition and David Eldridge in the playwright as the primacy voice type tradition.

Emerging after an almost decade long hibernation (although behind the practitioner scene first at Talawa on board and chair, then and now at Coney)  in theatre writing I find it joyful and enlightening to find them in conversation.

They’ve both grown as artists and l find it fascinating having known them somewhat from afar (although Chris while AD at Camden’s People Theatre did programme my piece Lost in Peru, so I know him a little) to see how they now arrive in a place closer than perhaps one might have guessed from 10 years ago.

Coming back to my writing practice, it also gives me a spot of hope that I can travel further and that there are stories I still have to tell and pieces I can still make.

In any case, in my view, these are two of our most brilliant theatre makers of our generation and anyone interested in practical theatre making will enjoy listening to them in conversation, (click below or see here for Chris Goode's podcast series)

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