Next Mingle: 3 October, London, Unicorn Theare, Bar.  (Near London Bridge, Se1). Register here FREE.

Arts/Business Mingle summarised everything I love… The possibility to meet the most interesting people and learn something new.

It’s an informal way of trying to cut across silos, and minglers report they always find someone new and something new to chat about.  Free spot  register here.


Arts and Business thinkers.  We don't meet enough, but have much to learn from one another. This mingle corrects that and brings online connections to a real world meet-up.

FREE, all welcome.  Minglers include:   Retired US Ambassadors.    Poets in the City. Investment consultants.   Novelists.   Playwrights.   Biotech Entrepreneurs.   Artistic Directors.    Fund managers.   Shareholder activists.   Actors.   Venture Capitalists.   Executive Producers.    Film makers.   Science Educators.    Painters.   Critics.   Pod casters.   Reggae makers.   Toddlers.     Fair trade experts.   Governance thinkers.   Start ups. Curators.   Sustainability advocates.   Equity Analysts.   Artists. 

My interests span autism, theatre, writing, pharmaceuticals, governance, sustainability, investing, business and the arts.

Arts/Business Mingle

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