Investment Aphorisms


A book of Aphorisms

I’ve written a book of Investment Aphorisms.

The idea of noting down aphorisms, or maxims, I’ve collected over 20 years of investing was triggered by poet Rishi Dastidar writing his collection of aphorisms, 95 Reminders.

These in turn were partly inspired by Martin Luther, the original priest of Lutherans, writing 95 Theses. Luther supposedly nailed a copy to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church in 1517 – and triggered the Protestant Reformation.

It’s an edition of 200. If you’d like a copy, make a donation to autism charity  Focus West London - link here. I’m suggesting £20 for a donation but will accept anything as “give what you wish” (£5 is the minimum if you want to be gift aid eligible, which it is).

…a sample… 

If 10 people in a meeting always agree, what are 9 of them doing there?

Be most interested in what is hidden, not what is shown.

Being blind to what everyone obviously sees can be an advantage. Visionaries are like that.

…Send me your address and I will send you a copy. (You can use the contact me form)