Thinking Bigly

Thinking Bigly: A Guide to Saving the World. A theatre performance-talk about sustainability and how you, finance and policy can be part of the solution. What reasons do we have to be hopeful in the current crisis moment? Next performances 13 / 14 November, London, Theatre Deli Broadgate - booking here.

Booking free for education and thought-leadership events. Video highlights below.


Ben Yeoh gives a theatre performance talk, in conversation with David Finnigan and an active audience. Shape our story through interactive games and learn about solutions to the world’s climate and sustainability challenges.


Previous performances (2019): 5 April at Toynbee Arts Cafe, 17 June at Museum of London.

If you are interested in booking the show for any event such as corporate education please message me.

Feedback below.

Loved the show last night. Loved it. Full of great ideas and techniques to bring the subject to people in a digestible way. It is a big elephant after all. I am going to try some of the tricks you used, esp:

- climate change confessions (and hopes)

- first order/second order considerations

- having ‘believability’ check-ins

- having a stall of topics for the audience to pick from to discuss (can’t cover all)

- reminding people that cultural change can happen quickly and doesn’t have to take generations...lots of examples to draw from

And that’s just for starters.

Thank you for defibrillating a sometimes flagging donkey.” ~ Sustainability Investor.

“I loved it. Very innovative lecture which brings to life second order consequences, the multifaceted approach needed at policy level and individual behaviour change, and ideas of mutually supportive innovation, performance standards, price signals...

I do feel like I came away with more from that hour or so than I have some whole day conferences - because the information was "alive" and "in colour"!

Also, its not often you come away from an event on climate with any optimism(!) I wasn't aware of the Paul Hawken's drawdown work, the resources you shared were helpful do thanks for that.

Thank you thank you for an enjoyable, engaging and informative performance.” ~ Policy Maker in UK Regulator.

Great talk Ben ... a pity you can't give that talk in every school and business in the world.” ~ Producer and Investor, Cultural Capital fund.

Credits and Thanks:

Tyger’s heArt,  Melissa Holston (costumes), |

Lab Ky Mo (filmmaker) |

Coney |

Musuem of London

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