Poem post fall of Berlin Wall, when I was a teenager

I caught up with a new mingler (sustainability accountant!), she grew up in Berlin and later that day it sparked my recollection of going to Berlin as a young teenager, not long after the fall of the wall.  There was such a happiness and optimism about the future. This is mostly missing from what I observe in the world now (except when your football team is winning). I’m unsure what will bring it back, but maybe it starts with connections and mingles.

Yes, I did go to a Berlin night club, not long after the fall of the wall…. And maybe I thought saying I was 16 when I was 14, was such a daring thing.

When I was 14

After the fall

of the Berlin Wall

I found myself

in a Potsdam club

the city sizzled

with the joy of lost

unexpectedly found wounds

healing - that the best times still

ahead ahead ahead - I singing

impossible beats beat

heady on Green Forest cocktails

dancing with an impossibly

ancient 21 year old

Ach so young little one

lets dance lets dance

dance dance dance

….It might not be so clear as to whether the 21 year was commenting on the fizz of a 14 year old asking her to dance… or the young outlook of the world to be so full of hope….

Maybe it went (in night club broken German)

-Want to dance

-How old are you?

-16 (inflated age)

-So young!


-OK, let’s dance.

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