Interview help

Offer: Oxbridge | University interview practice. If you are or know someone who will be interviewing at Oxbridge (or equivalent level interview), and they are disadvantaged – particularly if their school does not offer mock interviews – I am open to a few slots to offer a mock interview.

(I have been to Cambridge and Harvard. I have a science-based degree, but also write plays. I know the UK system and to some extent the US, liberal arts system too).

I can NOT help if you are applying to Harvard this year (as I interview for Harvard this cycle).

Typically, I will offer 10 mins, basics, 30-40 mins interview, 20-30 mins de-brief and I’ll need basic information sent in advance. My capacity given the interview schedule coming up is 5 or so, in the next 2-3 weeks. I may not be able to take all enquiries if this proves popular.

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