Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski.  Sabrina took her first cup of coffee 29 July 2017. She is a great Speed Demon player. She built and flew airplanes as a young teenager. Oh, there's also suggestions she is on the level of Einstein - though I gather she'd be one of the first to suggest she's just a "grad student"  her site at

 "...hopefully I’m known for what I do and not what I don’t do..." (on not being on social media or drinking alcohol)

By all accounts she is a gifted Physicist as well.  Go girl science! Be inspired!


"I was 11 when I bought 10 acres of the West Texas Spaceport for $2,000 so I could one day work for Blue Origin in West Texas. By the time I was 12: my dad had started flying and earned his private pilot's license; I had flown FAA1 w/the FAA Administrator; and helped my IA (mechanic) rebuild my Cessna 150's timed-out engine.
At age 12, I used the serviceable spare parts from my old Cessna engine (my IA, his daughter and I had rebuilt the factory Cessna engine with mostly new parts) and other serviceable (non-red tag) parts from various vendors to build up my kit aircraft engine with Teledyne Continental Motors, Rolls-Royce, and Superior Air Parts.
Between 12 and 14, I assembled a Zenith Zodiac standard-build airframe kit (N5886Q) and in the process put in 95% of its 15,000 rivets. About a dozen other people put in rivets, including a kindergartner, first grader and several other Edison Regional Gifted Center classmates. N5886Q's total cost, including trailer & tools, was $36,000.

I soloed in Canada in my Cessna 150 at 13 years, 364 days and several hours old, '14-enough' as Transport Canada would say. That same day, the Jeff Bezos' letter arrived, offering to hire me, and I applied for the FAA to accept my Canadian solo certificate so I could solo in the US that year. I then enrolled in the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, a boarding high school. MIT notarized my airworthiness paperwork on my completed aircraft in January of 2008. The FAA MISO accepted my certification of airworthiness after an inspection and my airplane flew its maiden flight (dad) the next clear day"