From Naoki Higashida's book  Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8 (trans David Mitchell & Keiko Yoshida)  giving you an insight in to the autistic mind.

"Back in the days when I had no ways to communicate at all – no writing, pointing on my alphabet grid or verbal expression – I was extremely lonely. People who have never experienced this will go through life never knowing how soul crushing the condition of wordlessness is. If I tried to describe what it’s like to be non-verbal in the World of the Verbal in a single word, I’d choose this one: agony. And yet, this is also true: if we know there is even a single person who understands what it’s like for us, that’s solace enough to give us hope. For a long time I was tormented by the question, How come I’m the only one here who can’t talk? Why me? I often used to dream that I was able to speak. This chapter might make uncomfortable reading for those of you who live and work alongside people with non-verbal autism, but I’d like you to remember: there are lots of us, and this is what we go through. None of which is to say that people who can’t communicate should automatically be relegated to being sorry objects of pity. By living with extreme hardships day in and day out, by constantly challenging and asking questions of themselves, they search for meaning in their own lives and many of them might, eventually, access a mode of fulfilment beyond the reach of neurotypical people. A worthwhile existence lies in playing whatever cards life has dealt you as skilfully as you can."

A look at some of the answers from his first book here including video. Some thoughts from David Mitchell and more on the second book to make into English.  A few thoughts from me.